Effectual and fervent prayers!

Effectual and fervent prayers!

Pastor J. Andre visiting the sick.

Prizes and awards for the children for hard work during fundraiser

Evangelist Linda Carter speaking to the church from God’s word.

Praise the Lord we did it! We have a church of our own!

Our pastors sign the mortgage for our first church at 711 W Arroyo, Pueblo on 12/21/2011.

Crusaders for Christ Evangelistic Ministries, Inc

The Church-The Community-The Family

Receiving $1000 donation from           Pastor J.Andre and Co-Pastor Shirley      Pastor J.Andre preaching                 Little Ceaser's Pizza                       with some of the young people                          Peace and Love

C0-Pastor Shirley out to                                                                                         The Pastors on vacation with son              eat relaxing.                                                                                                     Marrio, daughter-in-law Carmen                                                                                                                                            and Granddaughter, Maya.


Pastors J.Andre & Shirley                 Pastor J.Andre serving and                   The some of the saints praising Thompson Back in the Day!       supporting a family in the community.   god and giving thanks during                                                                                                                                                                    service.

We praise God for members, friends, and special guest coming to bring support and encouragement.  We reached our goals because of so many who were willing to help us.  WE praise God and offer special thanks to you all.

Bringing the anointed word of God and offering your skills in culinary arts.  We praise God for your support and love for us.

Women's Day Speaker: Evangelist Linda Carter


Offering the melodious songs of praise that ushered in the presence of our God.  We were blessed to have your support.

Women's Day Speaker: Pastor Linda Ransom


Pastor Shirley on her way into the new     I got the keys! The door is open                  Pastor J. Andre Praising God church on a snowy day                                                                                   The evidence that god                             in Pueblo,CO                                                                                                                 Never Fails

       Northeast view of Church                           Southwest view of church                 Parking lot and two sheds

 Another Miracle!  (TEN) Oakwood Pews are Delivered one a snowy day (Dec. 22, 2011) one after the pastors signed the mortgage. Total expense to the organization is a ($500.00 Donation).  Halleluiah!                                                                                                                              

Crusaders for Christ Evangelistic Ministries, Inc. (DBA)


New Horizons Apostolic Faith Church


Sr. Pastor J. Andre Thompson, Overseer & Co-Pastor Shirley E. Thompson, M.A., M.Ed.


For Additional Information Call:    719.545.4646