Our organization was founded by the late Dr. Shirley M. Fergins as a ministry of service, compassion and love for God’s people in May of 1984.  On the 26th day of December 1985 she submitted an official application for incorporation to the Office of the California Secretary of State.    On the 24th day of January 1986 the Articles of Incorporation for CRUSADERS FOR CHRIST EVANGELISTIC MINISTRIES were endorsed by the Secretary of State.  Also in January 1986 the organization received its Charter of Incorporation.  Federal Non-Profit 501-C-3 status soon followed in summer of 1986. 

Determined to set the foundation and establish the benchmarks for our organization, Dr. Fergins would insure our future success.  Working faithfully as pastor, president and servant of the Lord she championed the cause of our organization to reach the lost at any cost.  Seeing adversities as opportunities souls were saved and lives were changed for the better because of her faith and commitment.

Being lead of the Holy Ghost she ordained Elder Jerome A. Thompson as Executive President of the corporation on May 15th, 1988.  In Faith and Love Elder Thompson and his wife Shirley Thompson went on to establish churches and provide many community outreach support programs and services for thousands of families in Compton, California, Arlington, Virginia and Pueblo, Colorado.  

Crusaders for Christ Evangelistic Ministries, Inc. doing business as the New Horizons Apostolic Faith Church opened its doors on. Sunday, May 1st, 2011 in the Holiday Inn and Express Hotel in Pueblo, Colorado offering the “Joy of the Lord” and Powerful Praise!

Always listening to the voice of God Elder Thompson informed his wife that the church would soon be blessed with a building just two weeks after opening in the Hotel.  (Sunday May, 15th, 2011)  The following week a fully furnished church building was offered to us.  Shirley drafted the lease (with an option to buy) and the first services were held at 711 West Arroyo, Ave. Pueblo, Colorado on the 2nd Sunday in June 2011. 

By Monday, December 21th, 2011 a 10 year mortgage was secured.  Preaching, teaching, and brining healing and deliverance continued to be our aims and goals as the church glorified God.  Once again being lead of God Pastor J. Andre and Co-Pastor Shirley obeyed the voice of God, selling their home and moving the church toward debt elimination.  By December 15th 2013 additional funds were pledged to fully pay off the church mortgage.  And on January, 9th, 2014 the final mortgage payment was made.  Within the two years we have gained a permanent home for the ministry. The building was renovated in spring of 2012.  We continue to provide families of Pueblo with ministries and support services. 

We are a compassionate and diverse ministry with a vision for building families and saving souls.  We are determined to be a bridge connecting families to the Kingdom of God.  We welcome you, your family and friends to be part of our Relationship in Christ.    We are being made in the image of Christ through the transforming power of the Word of God and by the Holy Ghost.  As we die daily to our sin natures we gain access to the Kingdom of Heaven NOW!  We are moving forward and pressing toward the mark of a “Higher calling in Jesus Christ.”  Crusaders For Christ Evangelistic Ministries, Inc. was founded and continues to grow because of God’s Love for Us!

Submitted by:

Shirley E. Thompson, M.A., M.Ed.